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July 19, 2024, 7:58 pm

Wheel of Dinner

Every night I call home and say "What do you want for dinner?"

My lovely wife replies "I dunno. What do you want for dinner?"

Both of us having used up our imaginations, this can repeat for a few iterations. We haven't starved to death yet, but there are times we think it could happen.

What's needed at the end of the day is robotic stimulation. Something to give ideas to people with fried brains.

And so: Wheel of Dinner.

A simple website. Fire it up and it suggests a place to grab food. Eventually it'll come up with something you'll enjoy.

Just now, this is set up for me to use, but I'm working on ways to expand.


Just moved to newer hosting.

All Tied Up In Knotwork

I just finished a handout (3 meg png) for a Celtic Knotwork 101 class I am teaching this Sunday morning.

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